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Desert Essence Fennel Tea Tree Toothpaste 6.25 oz.

Product Details

Flavored with the pure essential oil of Fennel for a unique and refreshing taste, this effective formula features baking soda and the natural antiseptic properties of Eco-Harvest® Tea Tree Oil. Fluoride and gluten free.nnnnCALCIUM CARBONATE;GLYCERIN;VEGETABLE DERIVED;WATER;AQUA;MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA;TEA TREE;LEAF WATER;SODIUM COCO-SULFATE;CARRAGEENAN;PLANT DERIVED;FOENICULUM VULGARE;FENNEL;OIL;SODIUM BICARBONATE;ECO-HARVEST® MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA;LEAF OIL;SEA SALT


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