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Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Shower Salt, 16 oz

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Allow the steam of your ordinary shower to turn into a blissful aromatic experience. Relaxing Lavender Shower Salt is expertly formulated Essential Oils in a base of sea and dendritic salt to create a long-lasting aroma. Simply place shower salts in the stream of your shower, and let the botanical-infused steam elevate your mind and body. Aura Cacia Shower Salts are fully dissolvable in water and do not contain synthetic color or fragrances. nnnnSODIUM CHLORIDE;EVAPORATED SALT;SEA SALT;DENDRITIC SALT;SUCROSE PALMITATE;LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA;LAVENDER;OIL;LAVANDULA X INTERMEDIA;LAVANDIN;CITRUS SINENSIS;SWEET ORANGE


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