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Teeccino Macadamia Nut Prebiotic Tea 10 Bags

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Golden roasted almonds with the essence of tropical macadamia nuts add delicious nuttiness to roasted chicory and carob complimented by slight sweetness from dates & figsTeeccino tea bags make brewing Teeccino easy and convenient at home or on the go!
Each tea bag contains 6g of Teeccino. Regular tea bags only hold 1 – 2g. Teeccino tea bags have more than 3 times the product as regular tea bags to create a full-bodied brew.
The exact same Teeccino grounds are in the tea bags as in our all-pupose-grind bags. Tea bags are simply Teeccino in a filter bag.
Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an envelope to seal in flavor and make it easy to transport wherever you go.
Certified 100% compostable tea bag filter paper. Oxygen-bleached.
100% recycled carton: 70% post consumer material.


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