Plant Therapy: Defender™ Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner

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Our Defender Multi-Surface Cleaner and Glass Cleaner combine the power of plants and essential oils for an effective cleaner without any harsh chemicals. The naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients effortlessly clean your windows and mirrors without any streaks or cut through grease and grime to clean tough messes on just about any sealed surface. The Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner Concentrates can be bundled by themselves, with your choice of a glass spray bottle, or with both glass spray bottles.

In addition to formulating a powerful, effective cleaner, Plant Therapy created a more sustainable product that helps cut down on the use of single-use plastics. Not only are the cleaners themselves powered by plants, the reusable glass bottles and biodegradable concentrates further reduce the environmental impact of your cleaning products. Defender Multi-Surface Cleaners and Glass Cleaners are a natural and sustainable cleaning solution that keeps your family healthy and free from harsh chemicals.