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Earth Friendly Products Orange Blossom Hand Soap 17 fl. oz.

Product Details

Blended with nourishing vitamin E and antioxidants, ECOS™ Hypoallergenic Hand Soap cleanses and softens your hands with non-drying, plant-powered goodness. As you wash, hints of orange blossom will fill the room with a delicate, refreshing aroma. Plus, the larger 17 oz. bottle lasts longer, saving you money!nnnnTHOUGHTFULLY SOURCED WATER;COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE;PLANT-DERIVED SURFACTANT;SODIUM COCO SULFATE;COCAMIDOPROPYLAMINE OXIDE;PHENOXYETHANOL;PRESERVATIVE;CITRUS GRANDIS;GRAPEFRUIT;SEED EXTRACT;GLYCERIN;PLANT-DERIVED SKIN SOFTENER;TOCOPHEROL;NATURAL VITAMIN E;NATURAL FRAGRANCE


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