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Attitude Orange and Sage Dishwashing Liquid Refill 67.62 fl. Oz

Product Details

Infused with a fruity and citrusy aromatic blend, ATTITUDE™’s Dishwashing Liquid – Sage & Orange provides a foaming action that effectively repels grease and residue without drying out your hands. Packed with degreasing agents, this dishwashing liquid will keep your kitchen sink and dishes looking spick and span. Its unique formula is made from natural ingredients and contains essential oils to produce a foaming action that’s tough on grease but gentle on skin. Its refreshing orange top notes blend with a heart of sweet and purifying sage and finish off with an earthy patchouli base. Its EWG VERIFIED™, biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free formula is offered in a 2 L eco-refill format that’s easy to carry and use at home. This format contains four times more product than a 473 ml bottle, which means more dishwashing liquid for you and less waste for the planet!


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