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On The Mend Roller Blend

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What you’ll need:

  • 4 drops Helichrysum Italicum
  • 3 drops Cypress
  • 2 drops Lavender Fine
  • 10 mL Near Perfection Carrier Oil Blend (or carrier oil of choice)
  • 10 mL roll-on bottle

What you’ll do:

Add essential oils to empty 10 mL roll-on bottle and fill the rest with carrier oil. Apply directly to the impacted area twice daily.


Riding bikes, playing tag, climbing trees, and swinging around monkey bars under the hot summer sun…This is what makes summer the best time of year to be a kid. But for many of us parents, it means nervous nail biting, yelling out safety reminders, and fantasizing about wrapping our precious kiddos head to toe in bubble wrap! Thankfully, when the tumbles and stumbles happen, hugs, kisses and (hopefully!) essential oils are there to save the day!

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