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halfpg horz ollois SEED TO SHELF

Ollois Seed to Shelf Process of Homeopathy

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halfpg horz ollois SEED TO SHELF

Ollois has complete control over the process, from sowing the seeds, harvesting the plants and making mother tinctures to manufacturing finished products in our laboratories. We believe  in avoiding outsourcing so we can maintain a hands-on relationship at every stage. We are currently the only homeopathic single remedies in the market that follows such steps. 


Let us dive deeper and show you how they make the homeopathic remedies!

Here is the process from seed to shelf 

 1. It begins with preserved land, climate, and water. Ollois picked a national park in the Cevennes, France. A location with no contamination of soil and high-water purity levels, was perfect for our needs to grow the healthiest plants possible.          


Next, the climate is essential as the Cevennes is a mountainous region. Ollois needs different temperatures for various plant’s needs, also known as terrace farming, an ancient technique. They pride themselves in understanding how to work with the land instead of working against it, using zero pesticides and chemicals. 

 2.  Each plant has different needs. That is why Ollis farmers choose the best location for each plant and let them grow in their natural environment.

For instance, Ledum Palustre, used to help with mosquito bites, is placed next to a mossy still pond. Here the plant can organically grow and thrive in an  environment that is the most similar to its natural habitat.

Like many other plants in Ollois’ gardens, they get placed in the best location to help create the highest-quality mother tinctures.


3. Most of the time, mother tinctures require freshly harvested plants. If they need to be dry, they dry them in a totally natural and slow way according to a process developed by theirselves in order to keep all the active ingredients of the plants. 

Ollois’ drying room uses an entirely natural system of windows that regulate the heat. However, some plants that do not need to be dried are brought right away to their on-site mother tincture lab, keeping their complete freshness and properties.


4.  They are now ready for the making of mother tinctures, that are macerates of the plants. These tinctures will be evaluated for potencies and be turned into homeopathic liquid dilutions.


 5. The next step is to impregnate the pellets (made of organic beet sugar) with these liquid dilutions.

6. The medicated pellets are then packaged into tubes and labeled by Ollois dedicated equipment.

 7. The tubes are sent to the United States and shipped out to you from Ollois’ Los Angeles warehouse. Then they are ready to be found at at a great low price.