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DIY Solutions in time for spring cleaning season

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Spring is just around the corner. Everything rejoices, and every flower blossoms at its touch. Even though happiness brims through our hearts, certain things need to be taken into account. A new season brings a new responsibility with itself.

As the spring season approaches, our growing concerns for house cleaning are reaching the threshold. While we laze around in the winters and become a bit ignorant towards our home, it is now essential to clean the dust resting in every corner of every room.

Is it making you anxious? Do you worry it will take days for you to clean every room? Are you worried you won’t be able to do it like you want to?

You must be thinking, where do I start from? What am I supposed to use to get spotless floors, windows, and appliances? What am I supposed to do to bring out their natural shine? Should I go for the best cleaner in the market, or should I do something on my own?

We suggest that you go for the latter one because the chemicals available in the market can be harmful to you. Therefore, you should make a cleaning solution with household products that are easily available everywhere. You will be surprised at how easily you can make it. And mind you, it can do wonders!

There are some easy tips that you might not know that can make your life easy. Everyone should know these hacks. Here are some of them:

Rid your microwave of food stains! 

Finally, it’s time to rid your microwave of all the gunk and stains it has accumulated over time! Squeeze a lemon or two in a glass of water and put it in the microwave. Add a pinch of salt to accelerate the cleaning process. Turn on the machine and let this solution boil. Let it stay for a few minutes until the boiling fumes loosen the grime. Once that’s done, you can simply wipe away all the mess with a paper towel. 

Spotless mirrors 

A mixture of ¼ cup of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of liquid soap in 2 glasses of water is highly effective if what you’re looking for is a spotless mirror. 

Be mindful that rubbing the surface with a regular cloth might leave a streak behind. Instead, you should spray the solution onto the mirror and scrub it with a newspaper. You can also clean your window glass with the same solution to get excellent results. 

Onion the grill!

Get your grill summer-ready by getting it cleaned. Put it on a stove and heat it a bit. Once that’s done, sprinkle some vinegar onto it so that the residue loosens up. Once you are done with that, rub it with half an onion. Make sure you have a firm grip as the stains can be stubborn, so you’re going to have to put in some elbow grease. However, with enough persistence, after a while, your grill will be as good as new! 

Free of smudges

Your laptop, tablet, and television screens are bound to be full of smudges and fingerprints. You don’t have to worry, though, as this can easily be taken care of. Your beloved coffee comes in handy here as the coffee filters are stubborn enough to rub away any stains and smudges on your screen! Dab these filters gently on the screen and let them work their magic! 

A homemade cleaner that cleans it all! 

These little tips can make cleaning easier than you imagined. But these hacks aren’t enough.  

To attain a spotless, shiny surface, you need to have an effective cleaner. You can make one all by yourself – one that can make every surface shine with its magical cleaning powers. No chemicals required! 

Lemon and vinegar are the best cleaning agents. Most DIY solutions consist of them because of their cleaning properties. 

  • Lemon consists of citrus acid, which acts as a bleaching agent. It is also antibacterial, which helps in cleaning and shining the surface it comes in contact with.
  • Vinegar, on the other hand, is a disinfectant that can dissolve stubborn dirt patches, grease, and grime.
  • Likewise, essential oils can be used in multiple cleaning projects because they retain the essence of the tree they are extracted from. They are antibacterial and help dissolve any dirt that comes in contact with them. When diluted with distilled water, these essential oils can be used as an air freshener as well.

Preparation of the solution 

Take 2 cups of water and ass ½ cup of vinegar to it. Sprinkle it with 5 -6 drops of lemon juice and any essential oil of your choice and make a solution. 

Pouring the prepared solution in a spray bottle can be easier for you to preserve. You can spray it on any dirty surface of your home, wipe it with a clean cloth, and it will be clean as a whistle.  

Don’t forget to shake well before using it. This cleaner is highly effective in cleaning anything you want. It is an excellent substitute for the chemicals sold in the market.

Why shouldn’t you use chemicals? 

  • The chemicals sold in the market are highly reactive
  • They can cause itching and irritation if you come in direct contact with them
  • These chemicals can cause inflammation and severe burns
  • Frequent contact with chemicals can cause skin damage
  • In some cases, these chemicals can result in burning eyes and tightness in the throat
  • They can also cause skin diseases and cancer
  • The VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in the products can be harmful to you

Instead of using the cleaning products sold in the market, make one at home all by yourself. It is easy, safe, and does the job. Try to use essential oil solutions as they are a highly effective tool to fight off dirt and grease from various surfaces. 

Try to incorporate natural and organic solutions and mixtures for house cleaning. Not only do these non-chemical solutions do the trick, but they also help diminish the damage that chemicals can cause. 

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